Demonstration at Long Ago Night

On Tuesday night, Kathleen and I had the pleasure of being invited to demonstrate fiber arts at Elkton Elementary’s Long Ago Night event…

Long Ago Night is an event that both celebrates and educates regarding how our ancestors lived Long Ago!

There were many people there demonstrating various aspects of how life was lived back then; there were carriage rides, people playing old time music live (they were in the same room as us, and we really enjoyed hearing them play!) etc…

We brought examples of finished items for people to look at… Handspun yarn, hand knit socks, shawls, and blankets, and also samples of yarn dyed with natural resources – as people would have done long ago…

I demonstrated what it was like to card wool in order to prepare it for spinning…

Kathleen demonstrated the spinning and explained the entire process people had to go through in order to get an item of clothing – from shearing the sheep, washing and carding the wool, spinning the wool into yarn, to weaving and sewing a garment or knitting one. 

Many of the children were dressed up in clothes from that time! They really got into it and were very interested and eager to learn! 


It’s always fun to interact with people who are genuinely interested in what you’re doing and who want to learn about the fiber arts! 

We had a thoroughly lovely evening and truly enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful people of Elkton Elementary! Thank you very much for having us!

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