Fiber Folks – Together for fun, sharing, and learning!


We are united to assist each other and the public in learning about the skills and knowledge available for experiencing the fiber arts: the skills needed, the many areas of interest included, the social aspects of these skills, and the fun and challenge in accomplishing their completion. We are professionals, hobbyists, men and women seeking exploration of the fiber arts in whatever capacity. We do this by learning, teaching, demonstrations, art exhibits and social exchanges both formal and informal. We are always seeking others to join along with us!

What are Fiber Arts? What Can I Do? What Can They Do For Me?

We are people from all walks of life who enjoy working with fiber, in many variations. The term Fiber Arts can include any of the following, and more:

Basket Weaving, Beading, Braiding, Crochet, Dyeing, Felting, Knitting, Lace Making, Needlework, Rug Hooking, Sewing, Spinning, Surface Design, Weaving, etc…

If you are interested in an area not mentioned, we may have others who would like to study along with you. Join with us and feel the inspiration grow!

Study Groups


We have Study Groups which focus on various areas of interest: members learn from each other, try out different techniques, work on individual and/or group projects and are inspired by the ideas of fellow members. The Study Groups meet at various times and places. The format of each Group is unique as are their meetings. More information is available.

Programs and Workshops


Monthly Guild Meetings include a Program which would be of interest to most fiber people, and a Show and Tell segment and occasionally brief Business Meetings. Programs may be given by local and nationally known fiber artists and provide great stimulation and inspiration to us all. Many times we may also offer a concentrated workshop along with the Program.

Workshops are usually scheduled around the time of the monthly Guild Meetings. These are focused, hands-on opportunities for participants to try something new, hone their skills to new levels, or think “out of the box” to elevate their fiber experience. It sometimes involves using unique equipment or fibers to discover a new learning experience. The instructors may be local and/or nationally known teachers in the given field, usually with unique techniques and challenges in color application or design. Occasional Field Trips add additional inspiration and knowledge.


Children weaving

Children weaving

Our members enjoy responding to calls from festivals, community groups, churches, towns, and schools who wish to have us come and demonstrate fiber arts skills and/or history of these early skills for their celebration. This can include costumed members or not, as well as various skills such as: spinning, weaving, rug hooking, etc.



Any persons 18 or older who have a love of fiber are encouraged to join with us for fun, fellowship, and a good wholesome experience in expressing their “fiber side.” Creativity, an interest in learning and sharing, some sociability, a willingness to try, and a good sense of humor is of help; we all make mistakes, but go on to live happy lives in our new-found knowledge.



Fiber Arts provide:

Some – relaxation

Some – challenge

Some – inspiration

Some – art/function

Some – variety – tiny/large/flat/3D

Some – abundant color

Some are most of the above.

They are all FUN!!! Just ask us!


Shenandoah Valley Textile Guild & Museum

Where Fiber Folks Learn and Share

Join us every second Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm (drop in for a bit even if you can’t stay the whole time) at VMRC (Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community) in the Game Room at the Park Gables building! We’d love to meet you and as far as we’re concerned, when it comes to the fiber arts – the more, the merrier!

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