From Our President – July

 from our President,

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July comes in with a bang! I hope you all had as fun a 4th of July as those of us who rode on a “float” in the downtown Harrisonburg parade did! We had spinning, knitting, crochet, and hooking; all of us and our equipment decked out in the requisite red, white, and blue as we drove slowly down Main Street past grandparents and even their dogs. I heard lots of excited comments about the flag bedecked loom, the spinning wheel, and the great big knitting needles! Maybe this year we’ll regain that streak of trophy wins?

Unless… the judges noticed that halfway through the parade route my wheel threw a very unpatriotic fit! One of the two singles I was plying snapped in half and the yarn jumped out of the flyer and wrapped around the spindle, and Oh! What a mess! If the reverse action of “to knit” is “to tink”, what’s the reverse of “to spin?”

I guess I know what project I’ll be bringing with me to the next meeting this coming Saturday. Where I hope to see you all with much happier fiber projects!